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2018 DMLA Conference Help Wanted

DMLA Conference 2018 Los AngelesDear DMLA Members,

Throughout the years you have been participating in our annual conference as an attendee. This year we are in Los Angeles and as part of the change in locale, I would also like to open to all of  you to the opportunity to participate in the programming for the conference.
Los Angeles is on the Pacific Rim, a city of creativity that is the epicenter of entertainment, music, motion and still and the producers of much of the content for the US and beyond, this opens up many topics for panels and speakers.  What would like to talk about?  What issues do you think are important for this year’s meeting?
We are just beginning our Program Committee’s work and could use a few more volunteers too.
I look forward to working with you all to bring your passion and ideas to our conference October 21-23, 2018.
Please reach out to Cathy Aron at as soon as possible with your suggestions.
All the best,
Ophelia Chong, Stock Pot Images
DMLA Program Chair

VCG acquires 500px

BEIJING, Feb. 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Visual China Group (VCG) announced on Monday, February 26th that it has acquired 100% of 500PX, INC. (500px) shares through its wholly-owned subsidiary, VCG Hong Kong LTD.

500px is one of the leading online visual creative communities in the world, founded in 2009 and based in Toronto, Canada. With more than 13 million professional and hobbyist photographers from over 195 countries and regions, the 500px community has produced over 120 million unique images diversity and creative trend. 500px is renowned globally for its community, image licensing, and custom photography.

In July 2015, VCG participated in 500px’s global expansion as a strategic investor, signing on as the exclusive distributor of 500px’s visual content in Greater China. In November 2015, VCG and 500px jointly-launched, a localized community for professional and hobbyist photographers in China. The iOS and Android mobile apps were successfully launched in February 2016. In the past two years, both teams have worked in close collaboration on product, technology, marketing, and business development. Today, photographers, visual contents, and social interactions are accessible in both communities for a seamless user experience, and multiple collaborative projects have been successfully executed to serve brand customers around the world.

This acquisition is another key milestone in VCG’s continued strategic development in the global imagery industry, and further investment in an already-successful partnership. VCG will strengthen its position by leveraging 500px’s premium content and world-class photographer network, while 500px will improve its service to both its community members and international brand enterprises by leveraging VCG’s years of online operational experience, technology expertise, client resources, and deep global partnerships.

Amy Jun Liang, Chief Executive Officer of VCG said: “We are excited that 500px, a world-renowned photography community, will become part of the VCG family. This is the next important move in VCG’s globalization strategy, following the acquisition of Corbis in 2016. Through the acquisition of 500px, VCG will be able to expand its role in the global content ecosystem. By combining resources in content creation, distribution channels, product and technology across the two parties, VCG will be even better equipped to produce and distribute professionally-generated content (PGC) to meet customer’s needs.”

Jeff Jordan, partner of Andreessen Horowitz, a well-known venture capital firm and one of the initial 500px investors, said: “I’m thrilled that 500px is officially joining Visual China Group, which is among the top players in the global imagery industry. The two companies are a great fit, combining VCG’s deep experience in the imagery industry with 500px’s global photographer network. I’m confident VCG and 500px will continue to drive product innovation and apply big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to better serve our community members and enterprise customers around the world.”

After the acquisition, both companies will provide more professional SaaS (Software as a Service) services to visual creatives around the world, including those relating to big data, AI, and trusted timestamping technologies. Both VCG and 500px will continue to develop digital copyright services, including registration, transaction, traceability, protection, and artistic content collection. Furthermore, VCG will leverage its strengths in the imagery industry and professional communities to accelerate the growth of 500px’s community, visual content licensing and custom photography services.

About Visual China Group

Visual China Group, a public company in China (stock code 000681), is among the top image licensing companies in the world. It is the go-to choice for creative and media professionals in China, and an award-winning leader in copyright protection. Beginning with its strategic investment in 500px in 2014 and the acquisition of Corbis in 2016, VCG, together with its global strategic partner, aims to develop a global photography ecosystem focusing on visual content creation and monetization to better serve photographers, as well as creative and media professionals around the world.

About 500px

500px is one of the leading online visual creative communities in the world, founded in 2009 and based in Canada. With professional and hobbyist photographers around the world, the 500px community has produced unique images diversity and creative trend. 500px is renowned globally for its community, image licensing, and custom photography. Recently, 500px was named one of the 10 best apps for independent travelers by The Guardian, and recognized as one of Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50. 500px has worked with world-class global brands like Google, Sony, Airbnb and Lonely Planet.

Press Contact:

Company: VCG
Name: Zhang Yang
Phone: +86-010-57950314

Company: 500px
Name: Stephanie Newell
Phone: +1-855-561-4584

SOURCE Visual China Group

Support for Copyright Small-Claims Enforcement Act Needed

For many photographers, illustrators, authors, songwriters and other creatives who own copyrighted works, enforcing their rights in court is not feasible.  Litigation is expensive and many creators simply can’t afford it.  In effect, the U.S. copyright system currently provides creators with rights but no effective remedies.

It’s vital that Congress hears from ALL creators (and friends of the creative community) on the importance of supporting the COPYRIGHT ALTERNATIVE in Small-Claims Enforcement (CASE) Act of 2017 (H.R. 3945), which will create a small claims court for creators and small business to resolve their copyright infringement claims.


In partnership with members of the Copyright Alliance Small Claims Working Group, we are asking you to raise awareness about H.R. 3945 and joining our sister organizations in declaring January 17, 2018 as #SmallClaimsDay.  In addition to raising awareness, we are asking all DMLA members to contact their representatives on (or before) January 17 to request that they cosponsor H.R. 3945.  Please ask your photographers to do the same.It’s quick and easy to do!




Gado Images Highlights African American History Images for Black History Month




Gado Images is a San Francisco based company that works with archives worldwide to help them digitize and monetize their visual history. Our partner collections include Johns Hopkins University, the Afro American Newspapers, Silicon Valley Historical Association, and Stuart Lutz Historic Documents. Through partnerships with leading media organizations including Getty Images, Alamy, and Universal Images Group, we distribute our archives’ content to twenty-plus marketplaces around the world.

In celebration of Black History Month, Gado Images’ research staff handpicked some of our best archival and contemporary editorial content providing extensive coverage of African American History topics. Our images cover topics ranging from pre-history through slavery and the Civil War, into the civil rights movement, African-American artists and entertainers of the 20th century, all the way up to modern movements like Black Lives Matter.

The images come from some of the top African American History archives worldwide. Specific collections include more than 11,000 images from the Afro American Newspapers, as well as more than 600 portraits of African-American life at the turn of the century from Johns Hopkins University, entertainment images from the Clarence Gatson collection, and a variety of materials from our Smith Collection. We also have a small but important collection of footage documenting African-American life since the 1950s.

Gado Images has gathered a unique gallery inspired by the recent film Hidden Figures, documenting African Americans in STEM fields, from George Washington Carver to the present day. You can see all our images of African-Americans in STEM fields here:

In addition to our African American History content, Gado Images has unique materials from a variety of partners, as well as our own archive in San Francisco. Our collections have strong coverage of science, medicine and technology, 20th century Americana, and the Vietnam War. Our staff is available to field research requests, and we can generally turn around requests in as little as 24 hours. If we don’t have a particular artifact in one of our collections, we can often even acquire the artifact for a request, digitize it at our lab in San Francisco, and have imagery available within one week. All of our research services are free of charge.


For specific research requests for Black History Month and beyond, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

To receive the latest archival and contemporary editorial content from Gado Images, please sign up for From Our Archives newsletter –

To learn more about Gado Images and partnering opportunities, visit



Interview with DMLA Corporate Sponsor of the Year 2015: Agency Access

At last year’s DMLA Conference we instigated some new awards and reinstated some awards that we hadn’t given for some years in an effort to acknowledge the special efforts of some of our members.  Here is the first of our series on the accomplishments of these special companies/people before new honors are bestowed at this year’s conference.

First up, Keith Gentile, CEO of Agency Access, our first ever Corporate Sponsor of the Year.  You can view his interview here.

Focus: Agency Access, Winner of 2015 Corporate Sponsor of the Year

At last year’s DMLA Conference we instigated some new awards and reinstated some awards that we hadn’t given for some years in an effort to acknowledge the special efforts of some of our members.  Here is the first of our series on the accomplishments of these special companies/people before new honors are bestowed at this year’s conference.

First up, Keith Gentile, CEO of Agency Access, our first ever Corporate Sponsor of the Year.









Could you describe the role you played in DMLA’s branding last year?

Last year, we were approached by DMLA’s executive director, Cathy Aron, and president, Sarah Fix, to help re-brand and market DMLA. One of our senior marketing consultants and member of the DMLA board, Karen D’Silva, worked with Biggs, a hip New York graphic design agency, and supported the logo design. After this new identity was created for DMLA, I worked on a program to market the company’s new vision and goals to its members and potential members. At Agency Access, we have an amazing Campaign Manager program designed to provide consulting support, design support, and implementation support. I assigned an elite crew, which included Karen D’Silva as consultant, Alison Abate as designer, and Katie Jackson as campaign manager to market the 2015 DMLA conference. They worked on a series of email promotions and a print brochure to promote the new vision to members. Through a series of branded emails, we scheduled campaigns and simultaneously focused our attention on all the great things the conference had to offer. By including DMLA’s new vision, registration, seminars, and parties, our goal was to educate the market on how spectacular the conference would be.

What does winning the first corporate sponsor of the year award mean to you?

It was surreal! It meant so much to me personally, and most importantly, to my team. I couldn’t take all the credit because there were so many moving parts and people involved in making it happen. We were flattered and shocked with the generous award and recognition.

 Looking back at the conferences’ success, which contribution of yours are you proudest of?

I am proudest of the increase in brand awareness. Our goal was to educate people on the new brand and vision of DMLA while increasing registration to the conference, and I feel we did exactly that. Another memorable moment was when Cathy and Sarah approached us to express gratitude for supporting them. Other supporters of DMLA that I have never met also came over to thank us. All the recognition we were given felt amazing because our hard work had paid off. We felt very much appreciated.

What have you been working on for this year’s conference and what are you most looking forward to?

This year, we want to soak in the conference more. We were so involved last year that we really didn’t get the chance to absorb all the greatness the DMLA conference has to offer. I’m looking forward to meeting more people and possibly make some business connections. I feel we have a lot to offer and look forward to doing so. With that said, we will be hosting the fireside chat, engaging the audience in an intimate and honest conversation about marketing in the digital age. Karen D’Silva will be joining us, and I look forward to bringing some good topics to the floor.

Agency Access started as a small database company but has since expanded. What do you credit your success to?

I’ve been at this for 20 years and I still look back and ask myself, “How did I get here?” I was only 19 years young when I fell into this industry, and I didn’t know much at all back then. All I knew was that I loved the industry, was a hard worker, and truly cared about my members and their success. I love helping people. I love to work, but most importantly, I choose to surround myself with employees that are better than me. My employees are incredible people that I trust and care for very much. They are intelligent, loyal, hard working, and share the same values I do. Helping people be successful is always our number one goal.