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Since Carol Highsmith filed a claim in federal court last week against several DMLA members under Section 1202 of the Copyright Act based on images licensed by such members that she provided to the Library of Congress LOC and were displayed on the LOC website as “unrestricted”, we have received many inquiries about the meaning of “what is public domain” and whether can you license a digital file or sell a work of art that is in the public domain.  Nancy Wolff, DMLA Counsel, answers this question in our blog here.

Getty Images and Mother Image help Create Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Campaign

RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) recently launched a new multimedia campaign featuring seven survivors of sexual violence. Released to coincide with Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Month in April, the campaign highlights the scope and human impact of sexual violence in the U.S. The campaign features survivors speaking openly about sexual violence, the challenges they faced, and what it means to not be defined by these experiences.

The RAINN Survivor Series campaign was made possible by a Getty Images Creative Grant, awarded to ad agency Project Buchanan (Florence Buchanan, Creative Director) and Mother Image (Susan Carolonza Chanin, Executive Producer and photographer Rana Faure) and their partner, director Poppy de Villeneuve. In addition to funding from Getty Images,the campaign received broad pro-bono support from the New York creative community: post production and editorial house Hooligan, production company Zebra, with audio post production by Sonic Union, telecine by Nice Shoes, photo retouching and print production by Advertising Arts.

The campaign encourages those impacted by sexual violence to reach out for help through the National Sexual Assault Hotline, which saw a 10% increase in demand in the last year alone. In 2015, 157,157 people turned to the National Sexual Assault Hotline via telephone (800.656.HOPE) and secure online chat (

For many, chatting with a RAINN support specialist on the Online Hotline is the first time they’ve talked to anyone about their experience: 51% of minors and 28% of adults disclose what happened for the first time during an online session.

Read the entire press release here

DMLA 2015 Conference Keynote Speaker Announced



Everyone’s attention has been drawn to Adobe since its acquisition of Fotolia earlier this year.  The launch of Adobe Stock, which is directly integrated into Creative Cloud applications, will definitely impact the stock industry.  Scott Braut, Adobe’s new Head of Content for Digital Media and the Creative Cloud, will kick off our conference with a keynote presentation on Adobe’s view of their creative marketplace now and in the future from Big Brands Who Use Social Media as Brand Influencers.

Other great educational sessions will follow including:

  • Buyers Panel: The Death of Stock: More and more, we hear about the death of stock. We bring together buyers, tech companies and influencers to discuss how in their search for authenticity, buyers are leaving stock photo agencies to find images in the vast UGC world.
  • The future of video licensing: A panel of video suppliers and video customers discuss how they are using video today, trends in the marketplace, learning curves of adopting stock video, and anticipate mobile adoption.
  • The mobile revolution: Hear how mobile technologies are enhancing the way media sellers are approaching their selling experience and streamlining/promoting image submissions to mobile users. What has been working, what hasn’t? What has it taken to get their mobile technology going? Leading industry colleagues will share their experiences.
  • The business of “free”: Free stock photo websites are gaining huge popularity. This panel, composed of the founders and ceo’s of leading platforms, will explore the reason for their traction, their business models and if they are a threat to the stock photo licensing world.
  • The elusive right of Display: The evolution of thumbnails as part of image search to the display high resolution images. Are websites using technology to avoid licensing? Does the law support this or has it gone too far? Is it time to rethink the server test that permits the use of image display by framing an image from the original source?
  • On-Demand-Photography: Crowdsourcing photography to find content “on-demand.” Setting bounties for acquiring photos directly from photographers via technology innovations.
  • The Fireside Chat: After decades spent chasing real people in stock and endlessly parsing authentic styling, comes “real photography”. We’re twenty years into the the digital revolution but still only beginning to understand what the new technologies are doing for photography. This year’s DMLA fireside chat will be less a cozy reflection and more of a raging blaze of ideas that will inspire and alarm in equal measure. The participants will examine several different meanings of “real photography”, but all fueled by the white heat of technology: user generated content, computational imagery, deep data, automated tagging and more, all in the search of real value for tomorrow’s image users.
  • and much more…

Registration prices go up again on August 15th.  Register today to get the current best rates.

You can find all the conference information including accomodations here.

DMLA LEGAL UPDATE: Copyright Office News & New York State Right of Publicity Bill

2015 has already been a busy year for the U.S. Copyright Office and for DMLA’s Legal Counsel. The Copyright Office has been publishing policy reports, issuing Notices of Inquiry (“NOI”), conducting various studies, and participating in congressional hearings about copyright law reform.  The DMLA team has been busy answering the NOI’s and participating in various letter writing campaigns to address the various issues.  You can read all the details here.

Leading Online Stock Photography Service Releases New Mobile App: ‘Stock Photos by Dreamstime’


Dreamstime announced today the release of “Stock Photos by Dreamstime”, a new mobile phone app geared toward customers interested in purchasing and downloading images directly onto their smartphones and tablets. This new application compresses all of the vital functions of their website making it a powerful option for consumers on-the-go. Read the entire release here

ICOMP Comment on EU Commission’s Statement of Objections

If the FT report that Google will be served with a Statement of Objections by the European Commission is accurate, then this is a very significant development. A Statement of Objections represents a formal finding by the Commission that Google is dominant and that its actions have caused harm to businesses and consumers in Europe. We await formal confirmation from the Commission, but if confirmed this is an important step towards a successful return to a fair and competitive online marketplace that will be welcomed by our members.

Please note: DMLA has been an active member of iComp for the last two years and although this move by the EU has no immediate consequences for the United States, we hope that it will begin to place pressure on the FTC and other government agencies to look at Google again for anti-trust practices.

See Financial Times article here

BAPLA Rights Group survey on Web, Social Media and Apps


The BAPLA Rights Group asks for your help in completing their latest survey on rights and standards for website and social use, and app pricing, as they would like to get a US perspective. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey, accessed by the link below. All answers will be treated in complete confidence. Survey responses will be used to compile a report on the latest trends in website, social media and app licensing, which will also form one of the points for discussion at  the BAPLA Focus on Copyright event in London on May 14  and which they will share with DMLA.

Please note that it is not essential to answer all questions in the survey – if you are unable to answer a specific question, please skip that question and move on to the next one. Deadline for responses to the survey is Friday 10th April.

Tim Harris, Chair BAPLA Rights Group

You can take the survey here.  Please take this version only if you are a North American business.




The New York-based agency will provide high-end imagery to the editorial and commercial markets




New York, N.Y.-—Vault Archives has announced its debut into the stock photography industry. The New York-based agency offers the editorial and commercial photography market high-end imagery that is tastefully curated with authentic real life moments.

Founded by Marcel Saba, Vault Archives serves as a premium, global image syndication library with the mission to provide the photography industry with high-end imagery. The photos, which are rights-managed, have been carefully selected to fill each client’s illustrative needs. The archive will contain thousands of images spanning fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food and beverages, design, architecture, travel, and more.

With years of experience as founder and director of Redux Pictures, an independent commercial and editorial photo agency, Saba will apply his vast knowledge of visual communications and integrity of photography to bring a fresh perspective to the photography stock market, offering a hands-on approach to both the photographers and clients.

“Our mission is to provide a home for evocative photography that counters the quantity-over-quality trend that has dominated stock photography for years,” Saba says. “There is so much inspiring photography to be seen, and we believe that clients are hungry for these images.”

With an extensive international network, Vault Archives is uniquely positioned to offer clients a comprehensive selection of images and support in all aspects of content distribution and licensing. “We are in a position to connect great work with those who appreciate it, and we are so excited Vault Archives will give us the opportunity to do so,” Saba adds.

The debut of Vault Archives will provide the stock photography market with a new global platform, allowing clients to connect with unique images around the world.





 For the British, the 26th March 2015, will be an historic and special Royal day: Finally, Britain will bury the remains of one of its most famous monarchs – King Richard III – 500 years after his death!

Immortalised in history, and also by Shakespeare’s play, this legendary King was the last Medieval monarch of the Plantagenet line and preceded the infamous Tudors.

No longer a subject just for school and college text books, history is now one of the most popular themes of our media culture – television, movies and of course, books.

This week the world will be thinking of medieval times, and Trevillion have put together a mini-collection of evocative medieval images to mark this unique event.

To see more of our historical images, just click here   or contact us at: for Picture Research.

Trevillion -  DMLA blog pic

Meeting the needs of same sex imagery in fiction covers

New exclusive stock image collection looks to fill a void


Colorado Springs – Royalty free stock image agency Novel Expression and Jenn LeBlanc of Illustrated Romance are launching the Exclusive Jenn LeBlanc for Novel Expression collection. The initial collection will feature images of male and female same sex couples in both contemporary and historical costumes. After listening to independent and traditionally published authors request tasteful, quality images that address the needs of specialized niches, Novel Expression and Jenn LeBlanc collaborated on their first shoot in Los Angeles.

“There is a void in traditional agencies when it comes to the cover needs of many fiction genres,” notes Novel Expression co-founder Sheridan Stancliff, “This lack of images grows more pronounced when you talk about niche genres. Our goal is to address the needs of fiction authors in many genres and this collaboration with Jenn LeBlanc is a great step toward meeting that goal.”

Novel Expression is a royalty free stock image agency started in 2014. Their growing collection specializes in imagery geared toward the genre fiction market with the initial specialty of romantic fiction.