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DMLA Conference Sparkles from All Views

© Joseph Santa

© Joseph Santa

© Joseph Santa

© Joseph Santa

© Joseph Santa

© Joseph Santa

The 2015 Conference (our 20th Annual) by all accounts was an overwhelming success! We’d like to thank all the participants for their contribution to the event and for helping to make it so relevant. It is the presence and enthusiasm of such a variety of attendees from all over the world that make these meetings so worthwhile.

©Joseph Santa

©Joseph Santa

While moving to New Jersey was a bit controversial to some, the amazing views and the accommodations more that made up for a little inconvenience. Most people found the 5-minute trip on the PATH train to Manhattan to be very easy!

The conference was jammed packed with people, quality sessions and every one of our speakers and panelists were prepared to give enormous amounts of information to our audience. We will be posting a series of reviews of all the sessions in upcoming blogs.

Events like this don’t happen without a lot of hard work from a lot of people. A special thank you to Ellen Boughn and her Program Committee for a flawless conference from start to finish: Doug Dawirs, Lynn Eskenazi, Ellen Herbert (Novel Expressions), Paul Melcher, Nuno Silva (500px) and Sonia Wasco (Grant Heilman Photography).

To Ophelia Chong (Stock Pot Images), a new DMLA Member, who jumped in and volunteered to run the front desk at her first conference, a huge thank you… and to the Agency Access crew who assisted her: Amanda Cronin, Katie Knepple, Matthew Spindler and Michele Mattera.

© Joseph Santa

© Joseph Santa

Congratulations to our 2015 DMLA Award winners, a new tradition that was started this year: Volunteer of the Year, Karen D’Silva; Corporate Sponsor of the Year, Agency Access and to our Lifetime Achievement Award winner: Sonia Wasco, Grant Heilman Photography.  A Well deserved honor by all of the recipients!

A big shout out to all our speakers, moderators and panelists whose contributions were above expectations and who made our sessions so very interesting and informative.  A huge thank you to Doug Dawirs for making the AV work so seamlessly.

We are thankful to our photographer, Joe Santa, who donated his incredible talents to capture the great moments of the event.  Look for his photos with our session reviews.

Thanks to all our conference sponsors: 500px, British Pathé, CDAS, Condé Nast, Corbis, Gaopin Images, ImageProtect, Visual Connections and especially Agency Access who did all the design work for the event (Alison Abate and Katie Jackson most of all). Please plan ahead to take advantage of one of 2016’s sponsorship opportunities.

These Conferences keep getting better and better! Make your plans now to attend next year’s event. We’ll have information soon on dates and location. All you need is a quest for knowledge and lots of business cards!

See you next year!!

DMLA President’s Message




Sarah Fix, DMLA President, shares the accomplishments of the current Executive Committee and looks forward with the key initiatives still in the works.

Read about the 3 goals that are being used to build longevity and strengthen core principles of our association in regards to legal advocacy, networking, and education.  Read her message here.

President’s Message

Dear DMLA members,

At the start of my Presidential term in 2014 there were 3 major goals put into place to move DMLA forward. Now that we are more than half way through the current Executive Committee’s term (5/1/14-5/1/16) it is a good time to share with the membership the accomplishments and continued key initiatives still in the works.

3 major goals for DMLA 2014-2016:

  1. Increase membership
  2. Add value for our members
  3. Increase communication

These 3 goals are the most effective ways to build longevity and strengthen our core principles of legal advocacy, networking, and education. After a year of focused efforts and steady implementation, there has been some success and momentum that gives us reason for optimism.

Increase membership:

Increasing financial resources and expanding involvement is vital to our industry. Changing our name from PACA (Picture Archive Council of America) to DMLA (Digital Media Licensing Association) was the first step to more accurately represent our changing membership and desire to attract related industry segments that are also licensing media.

We welcome our new and rejoining members, as well as our new corporate sponsors.

New and Rejoining Members, 2014-2015:

Returning Members:

  • FotoSearch
  • Getty Images
  • PhotoSpin

Corporate Sponsors:

  • Karen D’Silva Creative Services
  • Clear Arts
  • Digimarc
  • Haystack
  • Imagewiki

General Members:

  • 500px Prime
  • Adobe Systems
  • Celebrity Footage
  • GraphicaArtis
  • Hero Images
  • Novel Expression
  • PhotoAbility
  • Stocksy United
  • Stock Pot Images
  • Vault Archives

Associate Members:

  • Eugene Mopsik
  • Michael Beasley


  • Steven Skilfas Photography
  • PressFoto PTE

Our new members and sponsors have joined DMLA under the leadership of Leslie Hughes, CEO of Visual Steam, as DMLA Membership Committee Chair.

Over the next 6 months we will be starting an initiative to increase membership in related industries that license content outside of traditional stock photography. We will be making new contacts through licensing conferences, research and developing company lists, and cold calls.

Adding Value:

Our member’s have different needs today than they did when the trade organization began over 60 years ago, actually, different than the needs from 10 years ago. To address the changing landscape, we are looking at ways to bring the entire licensing community to the table: clients, photographers/filmmakers, and licensors. By getting everyone engaged, we provide new opportunities for our members, expand our membership, and have the ability to communicate needed information to a wider, relevant group.

 The Annual DMLA Conference —

Please join us at the DMLA Conference October 25-27, 2015 in NJ City. You get all the information here. This is one of the greatest benefits of your association membership

Two days of DMLA conference presentations will have you up to speed and feeling inspired. You will be hearing directly from many of the innovators and industry experts in technology and marketing, legal, content creation, and sales. Committee Chair, Ellen Boughn, along with the conference committee have been hard at work!  Special thanks to Agency Access for being our major sponsor for our 20th Annual Conference and to Condé Nast, Corbis and Stocksy who have already stepped up as event sponsors!

Conference committee:

  • Cathy Aron
  • Doug Dawirs
  • Lynn Eskenazi
  • Ellen Herbert
  • Paul Melcher
  • Nuno Silva
  • Sonia Wasco

Annual DMLA Conference Party –

What better way to bring everyone from the licensing community together than to celebrate with a party! The 2014 Annual DMLA Conference Party held at The International Center For Photography was well received. This was the first time everyone in the licensing community was invited. The invitations had an extensive mailing list through Agency Access, Visual Connections, ASMP, and DMLA the event was well attended.

In 2015, we will continue to make investments in a larger party to bring everyone together. We are excited to announce that the 2015 Annual DMLA Conference Party will be at a brand new venue at the Condé Nast event space on the 34th floor of the World Trade Center. Please join us for a spectacular view and great company.

This year we would like to celebrate at the Annual Party by holding our first DMLA Members Award. Our trade organization can only function with the support of our membership volunteers. It’s a fantastic opportunity to make new business connections, apply skills, and build a resume. We would like to recognize those members who have gone above and beyond to support our industry and trade organization through their volunteer efforts. We will have an award for a Life Time Achievement and 2015 Contributions.

Webinars – Our new quarterly webinars reach an expanded audience on a regular basis, providing live discussions as well as a growing archive resource. This tool gives us a way to consistently share educational information throughout the year. To promote this new offering and to reach everyone within our industry the webinars have been made available to members and non-members alike, as well as access to the recordings. We will be re-evaluating access at the end of the year for non-members. The live webinars have averaged 100 attendees per session and 400 downloads to the recordings on Vimeo.

Please join us for our next webinar on Sales 9/30/15. More information to follow soon.

Access to archived webinars:

Increase Communication:

We have been working on increasing communication to our members as well as and the licensing community at large. We strive to provide frequent and substantive information. Additionally, it requires modernization to more effectively reach a wider audience and present the information in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Marketing —

Brand Identity: In 2014 our Marketing Committee Chair, Karen D’Silva, has brought great value in her volunteer role by procuring key marketing relationships, along with creative oversight on promotions. In 2014, advertising agency, Biggs&Co became corporate sponsors. They provided, free of charge, an updated brand identity and 2014 conference promotional design in exchange for the promotional benefits as a corporate sponsor.

In 2015, Agency Access became corporate sponsors and amazing supporters of our organization. They are currently providing all of the 2015 conference design and marketing services along with access to their client mailing list, reaching 10,000+ recipients.

PacaSearch (soon to be DMLAsearch):

To be in line with our branding and name changes, PacaSearch, our online searchable database of member’s content, will be getting a name change to DMLASearch and a website facelift. We will be starting a massive rebranding campaign in Q4, 2015. The Agency Access mailing list will be put to good use to promote this service.

An email has gone out to all DMLA members requesting visuals for the DMLAsearch homepage. Please contact Cathy Aron if you need more information.

Social Media:

DMLA is a great outlet to have lively discussions about industry issues, share industry information, and be apart of the community. We encourage you to participate. To make our outreach more timely, consistent, and effective we are working with Riley Cardoza, an NYU English student to be a regular resource for content. She has ‘liked’ and become ‘friends’ with all of our members, affiliates, and corporate sponsors in an effort to share and re-tweet your information. She will also be attending the conference and live tweeting from the event.


There is still a lot of work to do. The Executive Committee meets monthly and will have an in-person meeting just before the conference in October. We welcome your feedback and appreciate any support you can provide to help us further achieve our goals.

We appreciate all of our member’s participation and financial support that allows our trade organization to thrive as an outlet for important legal advocacy, networking opportunities, and as a leading source for educational information. Make sure to take full advantage of your membership by including staff & co-workers in our communication, being active on the DMLA Facebook group page, and volunteering or sponsoring our events.. We will continue to work hard to expand membership, communication, and add value for our membership.



Sarah Fix

Hear about the changes at PACA/DMLA

PACA’s new President, Sarah Fix, has a new video where she shares her visions for PACA/DMLA.  Lots of new exciting changes are taking place for the 60 year-old organization!

You can view her video here and hear lots more at the PACA 2014 Conference.  Hope to see you there!

A Change in Leadership

PACA, the Digital Media Licensing Association, announced today a change in leadership. Steve Spelman, incoming PACA President for the 2014 to 2016 term, made the decision to resign from his position as incoming President after leaving Corbis.

“Due to changes within the sales team in the New York office, I will no longer be working at Corbis, and as a result, I felt it best to resign as President of PACA,” Spelman said. “PACA is an extremely valuable and important part of our collective industry and my involvement over the years has been very rewarding. I look forward to rejoining PACA in the near future.”

The nominations committee quickly nominated and the board unanimously elected Sarah Fix of Blend Images as the new President of PACA. Sarah Fix was serving as Vice President on the current executive board and served as Secretary in the previous term. As VP Creative and member of Blend Images, LLC, Fix is responsible for overall creative direction, marketing, and photographer development. She began her career in stock photography in 1993 at Westlight, and has held various management and director level positions at Corbis, Brand X Pictures, and PictureArts before joining Blend Images.

“Steve Spelman will be deeply missed in his role on the Executive Board,” Fix said. “I am already rolling up my sleeves, working on a strategy and speaking with members. I look forward to working with our Executive Director Cathy Aron and an executive board that represents a variety of different types of agencies.”

The PACA 2014 to 2016 Executive Board also includes Julie Zentmaier of Science Source Images as Secretary, Chris Carey of Minden Pictures as Treasurer, past President Nancy Carrizales of Animals Animals/Earth Scenes, and four members-at-large, Geoff Canon of Masterfile, Keren Sachs of Shutterstock, Karl Schatz of Aurora Photos, and Elena Flanagan-Eister of Depositphotos.

The PACA Nominations and Elections Committee Call for Nominations

The PACA Nominations and Elections Committee is pleased to announce the call for nominees to serve on the 2014 to 2016 PACA Board of Directors.

There are eight positions open for the 2014 – 2016 Board slate – President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and four (4) Officers-at-Large.

Participating on the Board of Directors enables you to lend your leadership and vision to the PACA community and to contribute to defining its path forward. If you are interested in serving or nominating a fellow member, please see below for more information.

The PACA Board’s obligation to its members is to govern the organization and to forward its mission:

 To promote and protect the interests of the media licensing community through advocacy, education and communication.

Nominations and Elections Process:

Eligibility: Any member of PACA in good standing may nominate themselves or fellow members to serve on the PACA Board of Directors providing they meet the requirements as established in the PACA Bylaws.

Only complete nominations will go before the Nominations and Elections Committee for consideration. If you would like to nominate another individual to serve, the nominee along with their contact information and reason for nomination is needed. The Nominations and Elections committee shall verify the eligibility of all nominees. Individuals so nominated shall have given prior consent to said nomination and election as an officer.

The call for Nominations and Elections closes at 11:59 p.m. EST, Wednesday, January 31, 2014.

Board Positions:

To gain a better understanding of the roles and responsibilities of being a member of the PACA Board of Directors as well as the specific positions that are open on the 2014 PACA Board, please visit the PACA website at for roles and descriptions.  The following positions are open for nominations:

  • PACA President
  • PACA Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer
  • PACA Officer-at-large    (4) positions available




November 12, 2013 –January 15, 2014 Call for Nominations Open
January 15 – January 31, 2014 Nominations and Elections Committee Receives  Final Nominations
February 3, 2014 Nominations and Elections Committee Recommends Slate for Board Approval
February 13, 2014 Election Ballots Distributed to Members For Voting
March 13, 2014 Final Ballots Accepted by PACA
March 26, 2014 PACA 2013 Board Announces Election Results
May 1 PACA 2014 Board of Directors will take office


Should you have any questions, please contact Sonia Wasco – PACA Nominations and Elections Committee Chair at 717-626-0296 or