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Photo agencies move into pay-per-use licensing model with IMGembed

IMGembed, the leading image platform for CPM monetization, tracking and attribution of online images, announced the recent adoption of its platform by photo agencies Blend Images and Danita Delimont Stock Photography, both PACA Members.

As part of an ongoing program to help photo agencies gain access to online publishers through its unique platform technology and audience, IMGembed seeks to expand the types of images that are made available to bloggers and other online publishers. “We’re very pleased to have Blend and Danita Delimont as part of the IMGembed community”, said Robert Henson, VP of Business Development at IMGembed. “They recognize how images are being consumed online, and how we align our product with publishers. Making available their professional images to a new audience through IMGembed can provide growth to their core commercial businesses.”

Photo agencies have the added benefit of control by being on the IMGembed platform. They can see who is using their images, and affect accessibility and updates to their images in real time. Online publishers gain access to commercially compelling imagery on a pay per use basis, which further enhances their publications.

Added Robert Henson, “IMGembed is committed to creating a high value exchange within media publishing, and allowing broad participation for creators and publishers. Having more established media companies participate on our platform underscores this value, and we’re looking forward to adding more in the months to come.”

Image Embedding

PACA’s mission has always been to support a healthy and sustainable market for licensing the use of photographic images, as well as to encourage and support innovative ways for photography to be legally used in the rapidly changing marketplace.  Clearly, models for licensing of photography have had a difficult time keeping pace with changes brought on by the Internet, social media, and the blogosphere.

Recently, Getty Images announced embedding technology that they believe can address a significant source of unauthorized use.  Getty Images’ embedding technology allows the free use of millions of images for “non-commercial” use by bloggers and other editorial websites.  While it is too early to forecast the impact of this new offering from Getty Images or other similar embedding technologies from Stipple, IMGembed, and others, PACA recognizes the need for new approaches to address the proliferation of infringing uses.

PACA believes from the perspective of the industry and photographer communities that there are intriguing opportunities as well as significant concerns from embedding technologies.  These technologies could potentially reduce infringing uses as well as generate new revenue for copyright holders, but there are still many questions to be answered including Getty Images’ definition of “non-commercial use” which appears to allow, not only use in personal blogs and websites, but also in a broader editorial context.  Also unclear is how any revenue from advertising or data monetization will be shared with copyright holders.  PACA also believes it is important for the industry to understand how Getty Images will enforce its terms of service, and what other benefits photographers would derive from the extension of free use.

As businesses explore new solutions to the rapid and revolutionary changes in the way people consume media,  PACA believes its role is more critical than ever to represent our collective interest in protecting the rights of content owners, in refining copyright law, and in educating creators and users in support of an ethical and sustainable marketplace.  As a forum and industry body, PACA will continue to support and promote a dialog around image embedding and other new business models.