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Wimbledon pioneers split-second photography technology by Capture



The All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) has scored a first during The Championships, Wimbledon 2017 by using Capture’s ground-breaking LIVE EVENTS technology that allows images to be delivered instantly direct from camera – complete with caption information – to multiple simultaneous global destinations.

DMLA is excited to be using the same technology for the DMLA 2017 Conference in October thanks to the sponsorship by Capture.

You can read the Wimbledon article here

Wimbledon pioneers split-second photography technology



Dateline: July 20th, 2017

The All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) has scored a first during The Championships, Wimbledon 2017 by using Capture’s ground-breaking LIVE EVENTS technology that allows images to be delivered instantly direct from camera – complete with caption information – to multiple simultaneous global destinations.

The system augments the battery of high-tech photographic equipment operated by The Championships’ ace team of photographers – headed up by AELTC photographic manager and sports photographer Bob Martin – that even includes robotic cameras perched on rooftop vantage points.

Thousands of iconic moments that crystalise the essence of Wimbledon have been ‘Captured’ via this technology ecosystem during this year’s Championships, allowing rapid deployment of imagery to the website team and hungry social media sites.

Bob, an award-winning sports photographer who has photographed every major sporting event, stated: “Only the best will do for The Championships both visually and technically. We like every department at Wimbledon to continually live up to our slogan ‘In Pursuit of Greatness’.

“Fractions of seconds can be game changers when you are striving to produce world class imagery in fast-moving tennis matches across 18 different courts and with hundreds of players and countless amazing moments both on and off court.”

“Working with Capture’s terrific technology – and their supportive team – means we can focus on shooting the best images, confident in the knowledge that seconds later they will be being delivered via the Capture system, complete with captions, correct location and attributed to the right photographer. We can even switch members of the photographic team around between courts and matches, and still be sure the right information accompanies the images. It helps to deal with the instant demands of social media,” added Bob.

Alexandra Willis, Head of Communications, Content and Digital at Wimbledon, said: “Bob and his team produce world class content for us, and we are delighted that Capture – who we have worked successfully with in other areas for several years – has brought such immediacy to this process to ensure that we are able to put photography at the heart of our channels.”

Abbie Enock, CEO of Capture Ltd, said: “We have worked with Wimbledon for more than three years, with systems that manage the image library and also brand quality benchmarking – and are very proud to have been able to provide Capture LIVE EVENTS for The Championships. The AELTC, Bob Martin and his team are wonderful clients to work with.”

Capture LIVE EVENTS is part of Capture’s suite of ‘building block’ products that address every step of the digital and commercial licensing workflow – including elegant, shop-window, front-end Capture WEBSITE.

A general view of the grounds on the first day of the Championships 2017 at The All England Lawn Tennis Club, Wimbledon. Day 1 Monday 03/07/2017. Credit: AELTC/Bob Martin.

View inside Centre Court during the Ladies’ Singles match between Angelique Kerber (GER) and Irina Falconi (USA) on the second day of The Championships 2017 at The All England Lawn Tennis Club, Wimbledon. Day 2 Tuesday 04/07/2017. Credit: AELTC/Thomas Lovelock.


As always we’re pleased to confirm that Abbie Enock, CEO of Capture, will be treading the boards at the DMLA conference again this year, talking about Capture ROYALTIES – a subject that may be dear to many at the event.

Rolled out during the year, the module adds to the range of cloud-based out-of-the-box technology “building blocks” that address each stage of the digital media licensing workflow, and that make up the sophisticated Capture Platform.

ROYALTIES can be rolled out rapidly and provides an easy and cost-effective solution. Customers already think it’s great – ‘‘I cannot tell you how much I love working with the new royalty database from Capture…,’’ said Valerie Saunders, Tetra Images.

“We have been using Capture’s royalty database software for a year now and have found the system to be very finely tuned for our image licensing business.

“We use the database for tracking royalties, payments, and paying commissions to our photographers (Many photographers, many distributors, many payments coming in and out). We have also been able to create reports for tracking best-selling imagery, best-selling territories, trends, etc.

“Capture has created software that manages every conceivable issue so that our finances are clean and clear and even our photographers have a great interface for tracking their own progress.

“Capture’s support for getting on board and maintaining all functionality has been excellent. Our needs are always met quickly.

“We are enjoying a royalties database that allows for transparency and accuracy that is a much higher caliber than systems we have used elsewhere and the pricing is very fair.

“Once again, Capture has proved to be a genuine partner in creating and supporting our needs as a digital content supplier. I am a very happy and grateful customer!”, said Valerie.

Abbie will be at Visual Connections (#B36-37) and DMLA (table 13) if you would like to discuss any aspect of Capture’s technology or services. Contact: abbie.enock@capture.co.uk


Capture ROYALTIES makes light work of managing commission payments

Capture Logo



Capture Ltd today launched a fast roll-out, stand-alone version of its powerful web-based royalty management system – which allows agencies to manage contributors’ commission in a variety of innovative ways, at the click of a button, whether working from the office or remotely.

Capture ROYALTIES can generate invoices, attribute  contributors and commission percentages to sales, import agent reports, auto-calculate multiple pay-outs at a click, and allows contributors a private portal to view their accounts, which are automatically updated – along with all background accounting – in real time.

As well as handling simple two-way commission, and the ability to debit and credit contributor accounts,    Capture ROYALTIES also has options for the handling of introducer’s commission, split commission, automatic deductions at asset level – and also the calculation of commission based on a range of variable criteria such as type of asset, licence, usage, collection, contributor.

Capture ROYALTIES also incorporates Capture’s powerful reporting system. Our reports allow both users and contributors to extract vital data on what content is selling and where.

Capture ROYALTIES can be delivered immediately, comes with two hours’ training from expert staff and a package of training aids, including tutorial videos, and is available on a subscription basis with no up-front or hidden costs.

Capture ROYALTIES is a powerful and flexible solution for anyone managing contributors and commission payments. It is a key part of Capture’s technology platform, which comprises a suite of web-based, ‘out-of-the-box’ building block products addressing every step of the professional content industry’s workflow.

These products can be used individually, or in combination, or as part of a large bespoke project. Meanwhile, Capture’s comprehensive API allows seamless integration with third party systems, ensuring maximum return-on-investment on both new and existing technology.

Capture CEO Abbie Enock said: “It is vital that the cost of transactions comes down through technical automation, and the ability to motivate contributors and copyright holders to attract and produce more, better quality content goes up. Capture ROYALTIES helps achieve that – as well as providing transparency, with agencies able to optionally allow their contributors to monitor their accounts online.

“Through our policy of productising our platform into ‘building blocks’, we are also able to offer this powerful functionality at a price that is affordable to the image industry – and quick to deploy.”

Prices: £499 ($700/€635) per month, dropping to £417 ($585/€530) per month if you pay annually, all inclusive, ex VAT / TAX

Capture is a leader in enterprise grade media management systems and services including rights, licensing, metadata, royalties, e-commerce. Its knowledgeable team has 250 years’ combined industry experience.

The product data sheet is available for download here

For further information contact sales@capture.co.uk or call +44 (0)1491 873011, or check out www.capture.co.uk

Note: Dollar and Euro prices based on current exchange rates.