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The second edition of the CEPIC Stock Photography Awards is organized in cooperation with the agency East News (Poland).

The purpose of the CEPIC Stock Photography Awards is to support traditional stock photography and defend the right of photographers to receive fair compensation for their work.

Members of CEPIC and DMLA and professional photographers cooperating with them can submit their images in the following categories:

  • Cities, buildings, industry
  • Creative and abstract
  • Lifestyle and released people images
  • Nature, Science and Landscape
  • News, arts and sports

There will be first, second and third place winners with prizes of 3000 €, 1500 € and 500 €.

The winner will receive 3000 € and a title of CEPIC Stock Photographer of the Year.

The photos submitted must contain all of the required releases and will be judged in a contemporary stock photography context. An entry code is not required to enter the competition so please inform your contributing photographers to submit images to the CEPIC Stock Photography Awards.

The closing date for entries is the 6th of May 2016.

Shortlisted images will be announced prior to the CEPIC Congress 2016 – Welcome Reception and the winners will be announced during the CEPIC Annual Industry Party on 27th May in Zagreb.

Further information on contest prizes and rules can be found here.

You are welcome to submit your entries now at www.cepic-photography-awards.com

For further information please contact

Ewa Burdynska-Michna


tel: +48 22 211 10 51






Many of our members are as concerned as we are about the recent Bing Image Widget that launched August 22, 2014. This tool is marketed to internet users and encourages website publishers to enhance their websites and embed a panel of images on their website that are selected from using the Bing Image Search.  There is no indication from Bing that these images may need to be licensed for use.

As a preliminary step, PACA , together with ASMP and CEPIC reached out to our contact at Microsoft to express our fear that the Bing Image Widget will have an serious impact on the image licensing industry and lead potential image users to believe that the use of images are available for free. We requested a meeting during the PACA conference October 19-21.

As Associations, without ownership of copyrights, we can advocate on behalf of the industry but based on recent court decisions, would have jurisdictional challenges in bringing a copyright claim.

We learned today that Getty Images, US Inc. brought a copyright infringement action against Microsoft in the Southern District of New York seeking to enjoin Microsoft from the use of its Bing Image Widget Service and for statutory damages based on its alleged massive copyright infringement of Getty Images many registered works. A copy of the Complaint is here.

There have been several articles written about the Bing Image Widget, you can see one here.

We will keep you apprised of any new developments  and will continue to support all efforts to encourage the licensing of images and the education of users as to copyright.

CEPIC Congress 2014 in Berlin



by Cathy Aron, PACA Executive Director

The CEPIC Congress was held this year in Berlin, a city of many contrasts. From the beauty of the forests, rivers and parks that take up much of the land to the remnants and reminders of the Berlin Wall and the Holocaust Memorial, you are constantly reminiscent of the conflicted history of this capital. There is an amazing amount of construction going on everywhere you turn, both reconstructing old buildings to their original grace and new architecture reflecting the new 21st century style.

This was, perhaps, the perfect setting for the 2014 CEPIC Congress as we reflected on old and new ways of doing business and learned of the new technologies that will drive our industry in the future. The move to a downtown hotel location seemed a good one and the Congress moved smoothly through the 3-day event. The entire conference was held on one floor of the hotel, which made it easy for attendees to navigate.

Those of us invited to the BAPLA/Virtual Images Group’s Opening Reception at the British Embassy were impressed by the modern structure of the building and all the security that surrounds it. It was a delightful evening of food and drink and catching up with old friends!

The Congress itself was extremely well run and included more sessions than before. This year the sessions were well attended and a few were standing room only. Favorites were the EU Google Panel, The Bing Search Panel and From the RDI to the CIF.

The annual party included a band in an outdoor courtyard at the Kalkscheune. A lovely warm night with plenty of lively conversations, food and more drinks!! Everyone seemed to have a great time.

A picture-perfect Garden Party, hosted by AKG Images at their Berlin Office, was a nostalgic way to end the week Not only was Justus Göpel (Former owner of AKG, now deceased) instrumental in the establishment of CEPIC, but the AKG building, a beautiful 19th century home, housed the first CEPIC office. It was wonderful to be hosted by Katrin Göpel, Jürgen Raibel and the rest of the staff.

Thanks to Sylvie Fodor and Carlos Vicente for another stimulating meeting.

No word was given on next year’s location, but we will be keep you posted. You can read the CEPIC press release here.

Delegates from all over the world praise the organization of the Congress as the best ever


Every year CEPIC brings together picture agencies from all over the world and becomes, for a few days, the Centre of the Picture Industry. After Barcelona in 2013, this year’s Congress was held in the heart of Berlin, only a few blocks away from the Brandenburger Tor. 

For an industry that is rapidly assimilating the challenges that photography is experiencing these days, with over 500 participants from 280 agencies from 35 countries the congress was a huge success. The central location, the venue, the seminars, the technology, the networking area, overall logistics, the seminars and even the music at the Annual Party; all was beautifully organized by CEPIC´s new Congress Manager Carlos Vicente and his team who received much praise for an insuperable work. Despite the amount of participants everything worked without flaw, allowing delegates to concentrate in their networking endeavor of making new business contacts while also attending very informative seminars and conferences.  Conferences ranging from topics both highly technical to intensely informative, such as Client Panel, Video Metadata within the IPTC, Social Media, Google Image Search latest news, the Cultural Heritage debate, from the RDI to the CIF and detailed politics on coming EU legislation all gathered extraordinary attendance, much larger indeed than many previous Congresses.

Full video coverage for the CEPIC Congress with interviews and seminars is available in the CEPIC YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/CEPICCONGRESS

The annual industry party organized for all delegates took place at the Kalkscheune, a wonderful location just a few streets away from the Congress Center with a beautiful central court, making it possible to enjoy the wonderful weather we had in the German capital. A live band contributed to a relaxing atmosphere, greatly appreciated by delegates, involved in continuing to build their yearlong relationships.
As part of any good stay in Berlin, CEPIC made sure that participants also had the opportunity to discover the city with tours and tickets for museums made available, thanks to its Sponsors and Partners. Without them the CEPIC Congress 2014 wouldn’t have had such great support at every level and wouldn’t have become this successful.

“A great Congress was just closed in Berlin ten days ago, I could say that it was one of the best events that CEPIC has ever organized. We were impressed to see the response: a good number of  Delegates and companies coming to Berlin for their annual gathering; great participation in our seminars, all proving how important it is to be informed on what is happening and how it may affect our daily business. We did our best to bring the best speakers to inform us about the most burning matters and the response has stimulated us to keep this high quality in coming years.  We offer our huge appreciation for the support we recieve, year after year, from the very important companies that sponsor CEPIC to be able to organize this event. To all of them, sponsors, speakers, delegates a big thank you. We are now working to meet all of you in 2015 with an even better Congress.”
– Alfonso Gutiérrez, CEPIC President –

“I am so happy that Berlin, our home town here at CEPIC office, has worked out so well as a Congress venue! With over 500 delegates from 35 countries and all sides of the picture industry represented, CEPIC this year has shown again that it remains a must-attend event.”
– Sylvie Fodor, CEPIC Executive Director –

Sponsors and partners of the Congress were BING, images.de, ksp, dpa-picture alliance, age fototock, la collection, news aktuell, epa, reeldealhd, blitzbude, bpk, ctk fotobank, BVPA, hemis,  IPTC, ICOMP, RDI
Pictures of the Congress are available here: bit.ly/1hDigvo
Videos of the conferences and interviews are available here:https://www.youtube.com/user/CEPICCONGRESS

Vital Imagery Ltd. announces acquisition of Clipart.com and AnimationFactory.com.

Vital Imagery Ltd., a leader in the online graphics subscription services, announced today that it has acquired Clipart.com and AnimationFactory.com from Getty Images. These pioneering websites offer royalty-free clipart, 3D images and animations, photos, photo objects, Microsoft PowerPoint templates, fonts, as well as video backgrounds, e-mail and web page backgrounds for use in commercial and personal projects.

Clipart.com and AnimationFactory.com join iCLIPART.com, Schools.iCLIPART.com, iPHOTOS.com and AcclaimImages.com, to make Vital Imagery Ltd., the largest supplier of clipart and 3D animations world-wide, increasing the inventory from the current 8 million to over 21 million.

The acquisition of Clipart.com and AnimationFactory.com strengthens Vital Imagery’s leading position with wholly-owned image assets for its current and future customers. Company co-founder and CEO Charlie Hoy said, “These acquisitions enhance the diversity of Vital Imagery’s image components and affirm its leadership position in the world of royalty-free online image subscriptions.”

Hoy adds that the company intends to retain all brands, while melding the technology, content and expertise of each into VI’s quality service. “We guarantee this purchase will result in extraordinary benefits for our customers and we are excited for the future of our company.”

President and co-founder, Alison Hoy said, “As we welcome new clients, we want to stress our continued commitment to Vital Imagery’s subscribers and we will enhance these extensive collections for our clients. We look optimistically to the future, to the potential this brings for continued growth and development.”

Headquartered in Brussels, Ontario, Vital Imagery Ltd. is a leading international provider of royalty-free images for commercial and non-commercial use. Its content is sourced from artists and photographers from around the world, ensuring diversity and quality. Vital Imagery has partnered with Microsoft since 2010 and the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) partners exclusively with iCLIPART.com. VI is a proud member of both PACA, the Digital Media Licensing Association; CEPIC, the Centre of the Picture Industry; Better Business Bureau and the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses. Since 2008 the company has proudly donated a portion of every subscription it sells to help small businesses world-wide through Kiva.org. To date they have ‘given back’ to over 1,500 entrepreneurs. Early in 2010, Vital Imagery Ltd. launched its second subsidiary when iCLIPART For Schools became one of the resources offered by the Iowa Educators Consortium. Warner Bros., Nintendo, GM OnStar, ABC and CBS are among Vital Imagery’s many commercial customers.


Photographic Community Deems Instagram Terms Too Far-Reaching

The American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP), joined by National Press Photographers Association (NPPA), The Digital Media Licensing Association (PACA), American Photographic Artists (APA), This Week in Photography (TWiP), Professional Photographers of America (PPA), Coordination of European Picture Agencies Stock, Press and Heritage (CEPIC), Graphic Artists Guild (GAG) and American Society of Picture Professionals (ASPP), has mounted a campaign to address the far-reaching Terms of Use of the image sharing service Instagram. Since 2010, more than 16 billion images and movies have been uploaded to Instagram. The organizations believe that few of the users who share images on the site understand the rights they are giving away. ASMP has issued “The Instagram Papers,” information in the form of essays and analysis about the Terms of Use in which the key issue is that users should have the ‘right to terminate’ their agreement with Instagram, allowing them to remove permissions for the use of their identities and content at any time.

Specifically, the Terms of Use give Instagram perpetual use of photos and video as well as the nearly unlimited right to license the images to any and all third parties. And, after granting this broad license to Instagram, users also relinquish the right to terminate the agreement. Once uploaded, they cannot remove their work and their identity from Instagram. Additionally, in the event of litigation regarding a photo or video, it is the account holder who is responsible for attorney and other fees, not Instagram.

Moreover, while Instagram’s agreement includes the right to sublicense images, it specifically excludes the need to ever pay creators, regardless of the way the company may use or sell their work. The photographic community believes strongly that fair compensation for the creators of work is a vital component of a fair agreement.

According to ASMP Executive Director Eugene Mopsik, “While clearly benefiting Instagram, the rights of imaging professionals and general users stand to be infringed upon in an unprecedented way. We are concerned that not only have Instagram’s Terms of Use gone beyond acceptable standards, but also that other social media providers may use these onerous terms as a template for their own agreements.”

Peter Krogh, ASMP’s Digital Standards & Practices Chair, said, ” As online services become larger repositories of intellectual property, power has shifted away from the user and toward the company provider. Unless changes are made by Instagram, we believe the terms will have a profound and negative impact on imaging professionals, publishers and general users.”

In the coming weeks and months ASMP, along with the other listed organizations, will continue to reach out to gain support in addressing these egregious terms before they become the industry standard.


Eugene Mopsik, Executive Director
American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP)
Phone: 215 451 2767
Email: mopsik@asmp.org