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Conference Session: Adobe Stock, New Horizons and New Opportunities

by Andrea Stern, the MOCA



Everyone’s attention has been drawn to Adobe since its acquisitions of Fotolia earlier this year, In June, the company launched Adobe Stock, the world’s first stock content service that’s both a standalone marketplace and part of its Creative Cloud service/offering. Scott Braut, Adobe’s new Head of Content for Digital Media, will kick off our conference with a keynote presentation on Adobe’s view of their creative marketplace now and in the future. Scott will also discuss global trends, innovations, and opportunities as content creation, storytelling, and design become critical competencies for businesses in the era of publishing everywhere.

Content with impact.

Scott Braut’s message is that we now “Live in the World of digital experiences “ and this is the “Age of Content”!


He has been in the industry for 20 years involved with visual content, technology and licensing and worked previously with Associated Press and Shutterstock and his new role is to grow the collection whilst supporting the artists who create the content.

Publishing communicates visually – internet is a dialogue driven by visual content. There is appreciation for quality, and consumers are looking for compelling and engaging content. He sees the future is not in how many views or hits you get, it’s now about action – what action does your content inspire?

Photographers are story tellers who have power to define our experiences, but “A good experience isn’t good enough. Our experiences must be great they must work flawlessly as well as beautifully. They must inspire us they must transport us and transform us.”

Scott describes Adobe’s mission as providing the means “to move the web forward and give web designers and developers the best tools and services in the world.” Having recently launched Adobe Stock with 40 million Fotolia images, they have produced the first stock content service to be integrated directly into the content creation process and the tools creatives use daily, thus becoming both a standalone marketplace and part of its creative service.

Scott spoke about the relationship between content and the creative tools and Jenn Tardiff gave an exciting demonstration of how Creative Cloud and Creative Sync support creatives in their work flow using different platforms. With pressure to deliver creative ideas and content faster than ever, synced tools and content make it possible to work across multiple devices to suit people’s busy working life on the go, at work or at home, allowing for collaboration and sharing.

A few statistics:

26% of marketers create 6 or more pieces of content per week

  • 69% of these believe original content is more effective than licensed syndicated content
  • 75% say they work across multiple mediums
  • 80% recognise the need to learn new skills and tools
  • Creative Cloud has over 2000 desktop apps and 10 mobile apps
  • 10million individuals and groups are working with Creative Cloud

Quoting Bryan Alvey, designer and entrepreneur, Scott says that the big change is that “The revolution occurred because the audience is now in charge”, and we can no longer control the audience, we have to engage and inspire them.


Monetise iPhone photos with Stockimo from Alamy

global saNew app helps smartphone users sell their photos to everyone from designers to news agencies and publishers


Alamy, the largest online collection of imagery for photo buyers, which has already paid out over $140 million to photographers since 2001, today announced the launch of Stockimo, an app that turns smartphone photos into cash. Compared to similar apps, users can make more money out of their photos by using Stockimo because it plugs into Alamy’s existing sales and distribution network. Until April 30, 2014 any user that registers with Stockimo will earn a higher commission on all sales. The app is designed for the iPhone 4S and above and is available worldwide.

By signing up to Stockimo, users are able to upload and tag their iPhone photos. Uploads are reviewed by photo experts before going on sale on Alamy and through its established global sales and distribution network. With Stockimo, photographers can make more money compared to other mobile stock photo apps. Photos uploaded through Stockimo and sold through Alamy sell for the same price as those taken with professional camera equipment. Alamy’s customers include news agencies, publishers, designers, advertising agencies and corporate marketing departments.

Alan Capel, Alamy head of content commented: “Smartphones have changed photography – they can capture a moment within seconds. With Stockimo, anyone can make money from the moments they capture on their phone. We’re trying to help put the value into smartphone photography and helping photographers cash in on their galleries of pictures. There’s a place for mobile pictures in the stock industry. We want to be the first choice app for creative people who take photos using their mobile phones and want to make some money and showcase their work to a global audience.”

James West, Alamy CEO said: “Our photographers don’t always have their cameras with them; they do always have their phone. Stockimo was created to give them, and budding photographers, a way of making money from their phone pictures.”

Key features of the app include:

  • The app is about simplicity. Users upload and tag any photo they’ve taken, including images which have been filtered using other apps
  • Photos are sold globally, with key markets in the US, UK, Germany and Australia
  • Users still own the photos they take but can also make money on the ones they sell
  • Stockimo is truly mobile first. Photo reviewers approve uploads on a smartphone without needing to touch a computer
  • Built for the iPhone 4S and above; designed for the iPhone 5S

Based on present figures, the average image sells on Alamy for $90. Photographers could make even more if images are sold to advertising agencies or publishers, with average prices reaching:

  •  Advert $500
  • Book $150
  • Online $20

Alamy worked with award winning mobile app developer, Mubaloo to create Stockimo.