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DMLA 2015 Annual Conference Session Reviews

Starting today we will be posting session reviews from the DMLA 20th Annual Conference held October 25-27th, 2015 in Jersey City, NJ.  We have received rave reviews of the conference and the sessions specifically.  Whether you attended and missed some of the panels and speakers or missed this year’s event, here is your chance to get a glimpse of the highlights.

The first review is of the Keynote Speaker, Scott Braut, Adobe’s new Head of Content for Digital Media, giving his view of the future of digital licensing.  You can read it here.

A special shout-out to the MOCA for covering the sessions for us!

Conference Session: Adobe Stock, New Horizons and New Opportunities

by Andrea Stern, the MOCA



Everyone’s attention has been drawn to Adobe since its acquisitions of Fotolia earlier this year, In June, the company launched Adobe Stock, the world’s first stock content service that’s both a standalone marketplace and part of its Creative Cloud service/offering. Scott Braut, Adobe’s new Head of Content for Digital Media, will kick off our conference with a keynote presentation on Adobe’s view of their creative marketplace now and in the future. Scott will also discuss global trends, innovations, and opportunities as content creation, storytelling, and design become critical competencies for businesses in the era of publishing everywhere.

Content with impact.

Scott Braut’s message is that we now “Live in the World of digital experiences “ and this is the “Age of Content”!


He has been in the industry for 20 years involved with visual content, technology and licensing and worked previously with Associated Press and Shutterstock and his new role is to grow the collection whilst supporting the artists who create the content.

Publishing communicates visually – internet is a dialogue driven by visual content. There is appreciation for quality, and consumers are looking for compelling and engaging content. He sees the future is not in how many views or hits you get, it’s now about action – what action does your content inspire?

Photographers are story tellers who have power to define our experiences, but “A good experience isn’t good enough. Our experiences must be great they must work flawlessly as well as beautifully. They must inspire us they must transport us and transform us.”

Scott describes Adobe’s mission as providing the means “to move the web forward and give web designers and developers the best tools and services in the world.” Having recently launched Adobe Stock with 40 million Fotolia images, they have produced the first stock content service to be integrated directly into the content creation process and the tools creatives use daily, thus becoming both a standalone marketplace and part of its creative service.

Scott spoke about the relationship between content and the creative tools and Jenn Tardiff gave an exciting demonstration of how Creative Cloud and Creative Sync support creatives in their work flow using different platforms. With pressure to deliver creative ideas and content faster than ever, synced tools and content make it possible to work across multiple devices to suit people’s busy working life on the go, at work or at home, allowing for collaboration and sharing.

A few statistics:

26% of marketers create 6 or more pieces of content per week

  • 69% of these believe original content is more effective than licensed syndicated content
  • 75% say they work across multiple mediums
  • 80% recognise the need to learn new skills and tools
  • Creative Cloud has over 2000 desktop apps and 10 mobile apps
  • 10million individuals and groups are working with Creative Cloud

Quoting Bryan Alvey, designer and entrepreneur, Scott says that the big change is that “The revolution occurred because the audience is now in charge”, and we can no longer control the audience, we have to engage and inspire them.


DMLA Conference Sparkles from All Views

© Joseph Santa

© Joseph Santa

© Joseph Santa

© Joseph Santa

© Joseph Santa

© Joseph Santa

The 2015 Conference (our 20th Annual) by all accounts was an overwhelming success! We’d like to thank all the participants for their contribution to the event and for helping to make it so relevant. It is the presence and enthusiasm of such a variety of attendees from all over the world that make these meetings so worthwhile.

©Joseph Santa

©Joseph Santa

While moving to New Jersey was a bit controversial to some, the amazing views and the accommodations more that made up for a little inconvenience. Most people found the 5-minute trip on the PATH train to Manhattan to be very easy!

The conference was jammed packed with people, quality sessions and every one of our speakers and panelists were prepared to give enormous amounts of information to our audience. We will be posting a series of reviews of all the sessions in upcoming blogs.

Events like this don’t happen without a lot of hard work from a lot of people. A special thank you to Ellen Boughn and her Program Committee for a flawless conference from start to finish: Doug Dawirs, Lynn Eskenazi, Ellen Herbert (Novel Expressions), Paul Melcher, Nuno Silva (500px) and Sonia Wasco (Grant Heilman Photography).

To Ophelia Chong (Stock Pot Images), a new DMLA Member, who jumped in and volunteered to run the front desk at her first conference, a huge thank you… and to the Agency Access crew who assisted her: Amanda Cronin, Katie Knepple, Matthew Spindler and Michele Mattera.

© Joseph Santa

© Joseph Santa

Congratulations to our 2015 DMLA Award winners, a new tradition that was started this year: Volunteer of the Year, Karen D’Silva; Corporate Sponsor of the Year, Agency Access and to our Lifetime Achievement Award winner: Sonia Wasco, Grant Heilman Photography.  A Well deserved honor by all of the recipients!

A big shout out to all our speakers, moderators and panelists whose contributions were above expectations and who made our sessions so very interesting and informative.  A huge thank you to Doug Dawirs for making the AV work so seamlessly.

We are thankful to our photographer, Joe Santa, who donated his incredible talents to capture the great moments of the event.  Look for his photos with our session reviews.

Thanks to all our conference sponsors: 500px, British Pathé, CDAS, Condé Nast, Corbis, Gaopin Images, ImageProtect, Visual Connections and especially Agency Access who did all the design work for the event (Alison Abate and Katie Jackson most of all). Please plan ahead to take advantage of one of 2016’s sponsorship opportunities.

These Conferences keep getting better and better! Make your plans now to attend next year’s event. We’ll have information soon on dates and location. All you need is a quest for knowledge and lots of business cards!

See you next year!!

Nothing Stays the Same and Nothing Changes

I attended my first PACA meeting in the late 1970’s. I came to NYC on Jane Kinne’s advice to meet with others who actually knew what they were doing in the photo licensing business. I had just put my hat in the ring and Jane had figured out how much I didn’t know about what I was doing. I believe all 8 members of PACA were in attendance at the meeting at a Chinese restaurant in midtown.

I’ve watched the stock photo industry evolve, devolve and stay the same for nearly 40 years. It’s gone from a collection of companies that specialized in only rights managed editorial content, evolving to embrace advertising uses with the advent of Image Bank. Then came a technology in search of a product: royalty free photos on a CD. Oops, just when it seemed that there could be no further changes, microstock appeared on the scene. Today we have a large variety of companies seeking to monetize photographs, illustrations, music and video using innovative technology, a variety of revenue generating positions and innovative technology.

What will the future bring? DMLA (PACA) has always helped me to see the way forward often through people or companies that I met at the annual conference. For example, I was able to learn about microstock and ultimately join Dreamstime in 2006 because I had met Serben Enache, the CEO, at a PACA Conference in Key West.

We have designed the 2015 DMLA Annual Conference to present discussions about the new world as well as providing up-to-date information on a variety of topics that apply to all licensing models and monetization positions. Nothing has changed but everything has. Join us October 25th through the 27th to find out what is staying the same and what isn’t. Meet old colleagues and new. Party at the Condé Nast Gallery in the World Trade Center.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Ellen Boughn

2015 Annual DMLA Conference Program Chairperson.

DMLA Conference Sponsorship Opportunities


Showcase your products or services and sponsor DMLA’s 20th Annual International Conference.

Becoming a Conference Sponsor means you will be promoting your company and helping a good cause. Sponsors will enjoy:

  • Brand placement and identification as a sponsor throughout the conference including in memorabilia
  • Promotion to meeting attendees, clients and in some cases, photographers
  • Feature placement on the conference sponsor webpage on the DMLA website
  • A listing in printed and online conference programs
  • Signage displayed in high-traffic conference areas

If you have a brand that would be of interest to DMLA Conference attendees, a sponsorship is a great way to promote it. As an example, simply having attendees carrying a coffee cup with your logo on it has brought about meaningful business discussions and new prospects.

There are plenty of traditional and innovative promotional opportunities. Last year’s party sponsors saw their brands tastefully showcased on trays for the appetizers along with other high profile branding at the ICP Party.

The premiere event this year is the final-night Gala. DMLA has another amazing location planned for the celebration: the Condé Nast Event Venue in the World Trade Center. Condé Nast has kindly offered to host the 20th Annual celebration in this new event space, and DMLA will be one the first there.  Our attendees will be in attendance as well as clients and photographers too!

All sponsorship opportunities are listed on the DMLA Conference page and you can view them here.

DMLA is also happy to collaborate and create a custom sponsorship package to meet your specific needs. All sponsorships are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

To secure your spot, please contact Cathy Aron at cathy@digitalmedialicensing.org or call 714/815-8427 for more information.