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Dreamstime Integrates Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into Stock Photography Service



SAN FRANCISCO — Dreamstime, the largest community in stock photography, announced today the company has implemented a proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) system that uses sophisticated algorithms to screen submitted images. The machine learning tool is designed to examine how human editors at Dreamstime review images, and then adjust its parameters to best match the editors’ various criteria.

The AI tool from Dreamstime will go beyond current image recognition software, as it can unite metadata with the context of the image itself. It can be applied to multiple areas of the submission process, for example notifying users they need a model release or recognizing a copyright logo resides in an image. The tool has the capability to detect features in submitted images that trigger rejections, and uses this same intelligence to label and localize each photo.

This is a next-generation enhancement that can not only recognize the subject of a photo, but also relate its compositional and commercial value. Dreamstime will continue to utilize its team of human editors who understand the nuances of reviewing in terms of the legal, aesthetic, and technical aspects of an image. This team’s ongoing work will be integrated within the AI system, allowing it to adopt some of the human element of the review process.

Both photographers/contributors and end users will benefit from the AI solution. Photographers will receive a streamlined review period for images, so they can have more content accepted and more quickly earn revenue for their work. Dreamstime estimates it will reduce the review period with 30-60% and in some cases, the review will be instant. End buyers/designers will gain from a wider selection of image content and a refined search capability that accounts for the AI-produced data.

“Constant innovation is a primary reason for our continued success in the stock image industry,” said Serban Enache, the company’s CEO and co-founder. “With our AI solution, we have created a continually improving tool that will conduct instant image reviews, which will streamline our approval process. And we can layer on other types of metadata points such as customer behavior to build a truly intelligent solution that helps us improve the end-user experience.”

Among current functions we can include a search engine that helps editors determine if certain images were uploaded before and are already online, thus avoiding duplicating content, automatic recognition of certain landmarks that can only be sold as editorial licenses, automatic recognition of illustrations.

Future planned enhancements to the AI’s functionality include the addition of customer behavior data, so the system can effectively “learn” what types of images are selling, and which ones are less appealing. It will do this by learning from various sources and combine that information with data from other previous steps to develop an accurate gauge of an image’s likely value.

Dreamstime Introduces Unlimited Extended Licenses




 Users can Reproduce Unlimited Copies of Print or Web Images

 Users Can Now Produce More Promotional Materials with Print or Web Extended Licenses at No Extra Expense

NASHVILLE, TN — Dreamstime, the world’s largest community in stock photography, announced today it made changes to its Extended Licenses by allowing users to produce unlimited copies with purchased media. Previously, customers purchased extended licenses for print or web usage of an image and were restricted by limits on the number of copies they could reproduce, for example for t-shirts, on-demand printed items, or e-cards.

Extended Licenses from Dreamstime are available with either credits or through one of the flexible subscription offerings. The new change goes into effect March 1, 2016 and also to Extended License purchases made within the past thirty days.

“Every change we make to our stock image services is customer centric and designed to fit the widest array of client needs,” said Serban Enache, CEO and co-founder, Dreamstime. “By expanding our Extended Licenses to unlimited copies, our millions of customers have yet another option to choose from. They no longer need to buy the print or web license again just to produce their needed number of copies. They simply buy the EL once, and then can satisfy all of their print on-demand needs and electronic image requirements. It’s just the latest example of Dreamstime’s commitment to the customer which has positioned us as the leading stock image firm.”

The Web Usage Extended License applies to electronic items that are for resale, such as web templates, screensavers, e-cards or PowerPoint presentations. The Print Usage Extended License covers physical items for resale, including the right to use the images for t-shirts, mugs, posters, and other similar promotional marketing items.

To read more details about the various Dreamstime licensing and terms options, visit http://www.dreamstime.com/terms.php#extended.


Dreamstime Offers Enhanced Value for Subscribers




Dreamstime Offers Enhanced Value for Subscribers by Removing Daily Image Download Limits and Allowing Transfer of Unused Downloads

 Active Users Can Now “Roll Over” Previous Daily Quota Limit to a Monthly Quota Based on their Subscription Level to Better Accommodate Users’ Busy Schedules


NASHVILLE, TN (— Dreamstime, the world’s largest community in stock photography, today announced the company is altering its subscription plans to feature a monthly instead of daily quota of downloadable images, and is allowing the carrying over of unused downloads. Users will now effectively never “lose” image downloads as unused downloads will roll over into the monthly quota amount, making Dreamstime the most convenient and flexible solution in the industry today.

Previously, users that chose subscriptions of 30 days, three months, six months, or 12 months were limited to 25 or 50 downloads a day, up until they reached their subscription maximum. With this change, users that need a large volume of images quickly can flexibly choose their own number of daily downloads to best suit their individual needs.

“We’re consistently looking at new ways to add value to our industry-leading image subscription service,” said Serban Enache, CEO and co-founder, Dreamstime. “By adjusting our service to be based on a monthly instead of a daily quota, we allow users to pull images at their own pace. If they require a considerable number of images they can download as many as they need in a day, they no longer need to stretch them out over a longer period of time. We continue to offer a variety of subscription and credit plans that fit the needs and budget of individual users all the way up to bigger firms.”

For detailed information about the flexible Dreamstime credit and subscription packages, visit http://www.dreamstime.com/credits.

Leading Online Stock Photography Service Releases New Mobile App: ‘Stock Photos by Dreamstime’


Dreamstime announced today the release of “Stock Photos by Dreamstime”, a new mobile phone app geared toward customers interested in purchasing and downloading images directly onto their smartphones and tablets. This new application compresses all of the vital functions of their website making it a powerful option for consumers on-the-go. Read the entire release here

Leading Online Stock Photography Service Releases New Mobile App: ‘Stock Photos by Dreamstime’

Dreamstime Launches User-Friendly, Mobile App for Customers On-the-Go to Easily Purchase and Download Images Directly Onto Their Smartphones


Nashville, TN (May, 2015) – Dreamstime, a distinguished leader in the stock photography world, today announced the release of Stock Photos by Dreamstime, a new mobile phone app geared toward customers interested in purchasing and downloading images directly onto their smartphones and tablets.

With the new mobile app, the Dreamstime team will be able to offer its popular, high quality digital images to an even greater range of on-the-go customers.

“The arrival of our Stock Photos by Dreamstime mobile app perfectly complements our previously released Dreamstime Companion, a mobile app geared toward photographers interested in uploading and selling images directly from their smartphones,” said Serban Enache, CEO and co-founder, Dreamstime. “What makes this app so unique is that it compresses all of the vital functions of our website, and perfectly blends with the mobile site, making it the only app on the market today that successfully offers full power to consumers on-the-go. The app allows designers and marketers to use their time more efficiently – they can now use commuting time, or break time in their favorite coffee shop, to research via the app on their smartphones and tablets, and then have content ready when they arrive at work. Additionally, they can email colleagues or clients on the spot, or simply browse beautiful images for inspiration.”

How does Dreamstime’s new mobile app stand out in the crowd of ever-emerging stock photo sites on the market today? “Stock Photos by Dreamstime is much more streamlined, clearer and faster to use,” Enache said. “From simple tasks, such as searching using specific criteria [filters] to adding images to a lightbox, everything about this new mobile app requires less tapping when compared to any other stock site apps out there. While this may seem like a minor factor, these unique features can actually help customers tasks much more efficiently.”

The new app offers the following features:

· Dual-pane view in which the users can see both the search results and their currently selected lightbox. Adding a photo to the lightbox is as simple as tapping and holding on a thumbnail from the search results. In addition, from the lightbox pane, images can also be removed with the same interaction (hold and tap on thumbnail).
· Real-time filtering of results simply by pulling down on the results and selecting or deselecting filters (on iOS); or, opening the filters overlay (on Android), without being taken out of the search screen.
· Support for TouchID login (on iOS only).
· Free daily home screen wallpaper that is automatically changed (for Android only).
· Ability to re-download images that were purchased on the Dreamstime website.
· Optimized for iPhones 6 and 6+ (and very soon for iPad), including landscape orientation.

With affordable credit packages, monthly subscription plans, extended licensing options and full buyout opportunities for buyers and generous royalties for image creators, Dreamstime has built the largest global base that spans all user types, including individuals, small businesses, top web design firms and global advertising agencies.

Dreamstime Surpasses 25 Million Images




Dreamstime, the leading community in stock photography, today announced the company surpassed 25 million uploaded images. The milestone is reached with a photo by Inga Dudkina of a “Pinup Girl.”

pinup-girl-portrait-attractive-39858204Coinciding with this rapid growth, Dreamstime is opening a new office in San Francisco. The global stock photo company has more than 15 million unique monthly visitors and several hundred thousand new images uploaded weekly.

The new office located at 180 Sansome St. in San Francisco, will provide the company with an expanded presence in Silicon Valley. This connection to the area’s top-tier technology talent will prove invaluable as the firm continues to offer innovate tools for its users such as the Dreamstime Companion App and WordPress plugin.

“Passing 25 million images in our library is an important milestone which speaks to the wide range of subject matter covered by our photographers and proves our market position as a trusted stock imagery source.  We have received well above 43 million image submissions, yet have only accepted a percentage of those as being up to our standards.  Our strict editing protocol allows us to offer a high-end library where customers know they are getting legal, quality images,” said Serban Enache, the company’s CEO and co-founder. “Our community continues to grow at a rapid pace; our monthly registering userbase has increased 150% over last year. Designers and artists can rely on our extensive library to find that perfect image for any project.”

“I’m very pleased to open our development office in San Francisco,” said Jeff Prescott, COO and co-founder of Dreamstime. “The addition of this office puts us next door to the top technology firms in the world, allowing us to form potential partnerships and draw from an amazing pool of developer and engineering talent.”

Dreamstime recently launched Dreamstime Companion, a unique mobile app that enables professional stock photographers to submit images directly from their smartphones and offer them for sale to the company’s more than 8.2 million users. The app has caused the number of new photographers joining the community to triple monthly over last year. In March 2014, the company released a plugin for WordPress which allows users to access commercial and free content from the Dreamstime catalog, enabling them to effortlessly embed high-quality images into their WordPress-built sites.

Online Stock Photography Provider Dreamstime Releases WordPress Plug-In

WordPress Users Can Choose from Dreamstime’s 22.2 Million Image Library


WordPress Users Can Now Add Dreamstime’s Rich and Engaging Free and Commercial Copyright-Attributed Images to Their Blogs and Websites

NASHVILLE, TN — Dreamstime, a distinguished leader in stock photography, today announced the release of a plugin for WordPress, the leading free blogging framework and content management system used by more than 60 million websites.  Several top brands including Coca-Cola, The New York Times Company, Sony, The Rolling Stones, Linkedin, and Reader’s Digest utilize WordPress to build and manage their sites.

The plugin gives WordPress users access to free and commercial content from Dreamstime’s massive image catalog, allowing them to easily embed professional quality images. A credit line promoting the image conent on Dreamstime can also be displayed using the plug-in, and users are encouraged to include proper copyright information. The easy-to-use plugin means WordPress users will only select approved stock images, instead of pulling low-quality images from search engines or social media sites without permission. WordPress users can link their Dreamstime account so they can have seamless access to commercial images, and the ability to use credits or subscriptions from their WordPress acount remotely.

With the new plug-in, WordPress users can select from Dreamstime’s catalog of more than 22.2 million professional stock photos. They can insert an unlimited number of images directly from the WordPress Add Media tool, so they never need to leave the WordPress platform. All Dreamstime images are model released and attributed to the proper entity, removing the blogger or web designers’s concerns about any future copyright claims from photographers or models. It also allows WordPress users to generate income from the automatic integration with the  Dreamstime referal program which rewards the highest royalties in the industry.

“The WordPress community includes a massive group of individuals and businesses that are building everything from simple blogs to complex image-intensive sites,” said Serban Enache,  Dreamstimes’s CEO and co-founder. “Users can now utilize this handy plug-in tool to embed images from our massive free library which offers high-quality images from dozens of categories. We’re also educating users on the importance of managing image copyright, instilling in them best practices which can protect them from the pitfalls of copyright infringement.”

For more information about the WordPress plug-in, visit www.dreamstime.com/wordpress-photo-image-plugin.