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Photos in 2019: A Trending Forecast from Scopio

As creatives know, there have been huge shifts in the visual landscape this year, especially due to what is popular and getting the most engagement on Instagram, where 50 million photos are being shared every single day.

At this staggering rate of content growth, at Scopio we have seen these trends get pushed through to the types of photos businesses are looking to use and connect in their storytelling. Scopio wanted to recap what they are and share what we think could add value to these trends. Hopefully, this trend report can help creatives spot unique moments and share them in their storytelling. Dive into Isolation and Solitude, Drone and Aerial, Mystical interpretations, and Activism as growth content areas.

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We are pleased to welcome Scopio back as DMLA Members!

Newly Launched! Scopio, an efficient way to find and license social media images from social media.




The concept and functionality of Scopio is extremely simple. It’s bridging a huge gap considering the direction that social media & content licensing is going in.

On one end there’s millions of content creators (either intentional professionals or unintentional hobbyists) and on the other end millions of people (and companies) are constantly looking for great content. The two sides having such a user-friendly and facilitated communication between one another is breaking a lot of barriers between users, content, and content creators. We have taken Imagination and matchmaking to social images.

We are giving out an exclusive one month trial for our launch, sign up its easy and doesn’t require a credit card, or contact the Founder, christina@scopio.io for more info.

User Generated Content is Transforming Media [Infographic].