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Exciting News from Trevillion

Trevillion has some exciting news for book publishers: from today, we can now offer on-line image availability check!
As you know, Trevillion offers some of the best Rights-Managed images on the market, and if required, they can be licensed on an exclusive basis.
But now publishers will be able to check for image availability on our website at any time. And they will be able to see previous sales, and the restrictions that apply when they click on any image (see layout below).
We know that you will find this new function useful! But if you have any questions, please just contact us anytime on info@trevillion.com

Trevillion Shines at the CEPIC Awards

Trevillion Images is thrilled to announce that for the second year running they (http://www.trevillion.com/) have won the CEPIC Stock Photography Awards!

This year two Trevillion photographers stole the show, with Daniil Kontorovich taking first prize, and Oleg Oprisco taking second.

Daniil captivated the audience with his haunting portrait of a red-haired model gazing intently at the camera. Whilst Oleg turned heads with his surreal and playful image of a woman sewing fabric in a field.







It is a great honor to be associated with CEPIC (http://cepic.org/), which aims to support traditional stock photography and defend the rights of photographers throughout Europe.

To see the winning images and all the other fantastic entries just visit the CEPIC Photography Awards website http://www.cepic-photography-awards.com).

And make sure to check out the winning photographer’s collections on the Trevillion website, Daniil Kontorovich (http://www.trevillion.com/contributor/browse/933/daniil-kontorovich) and Oleg Oprisco (http://www.trevillion.com/contributor/browse/755/oleg-oprisco) have hundreds of stunning images that cannot be missed!

Time to celebrate with Trevillion Images !




Trevillion Images have just celebrated the launch of their fantastic new website http://www.trevillion.com

And as part of their ‘celebrations’, they have today announced the lucky winner of their Ipad-Mini competition.

Entrants from around the world were invited to send in their favourite Trevillion image which really symbolised ‘Celebration’ for them.

Trevillion were inundated with hundreds of fantastically inspired image suggestions from around the globe. But the winner, chosen at random today, was Robert Yaffe, a Senior Designer at Kensington Books, a leading independent publisher in New York.

Congratulations to Robert!









Image courtesy of © Yulya Saponova / Trevillion Images

To keep in touch with Trevillion and see what they have to offer, make sure to follow us them on

Twitter <https://twitter.com/TrevillionImage> ,

Facebook <https://www.facebook.com/TrevillionImages/>

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Trevillion Images has just launched an exciting new website!

Trevillion is one of the leading international creative photo agencies in the world today.  And is celebrated for its  ‘distinctive’ style of photography: ‘unique, evocative, atmospheric and narrative’.

And as part of their ongoing commitment to offer clients amazing images and service, which are both up-to-date and on-trend, Trevillion is proud to announce a new-generation website, worthy of their most discerning clients.

The exciting new launch brings a range of fantastic new features including:

·      A modern and contemporary look
·      Sophisticated search options
·      Cutting-edge user features
·      All device access (mobiles, tablets etc)

Trevillion’s Managing Director, Sharon-Therese Horlor says:

“ As Trevillion moves forward, we are thrilled to launch this new site for our clients and photographers. We know that the image market is ever- changing and reshaping, and that we have to stay ahead and respond to those latest trends. We think, with this new site, we have managed just that.”

This latest client-focused site will have many benefits for Trevillion’s wide range of creative clients, which include Advertising & Design Agencies, Broadcasters and Book Publishers from around the world.


Website:                                                         www.trevillion.com

Facebook:                                                      www.facebook.com/TrevillionImages/

Twitter:                                                           twitter.com/trevillionimage

Blog:                                                              www.trevillion.com/blog/

The Mightiest Monarch!




Without doubt, the English Tudor King, Henry VIII must  be one of the most famous. And this week we are commemorating Henry¹s birthday.

Head of the Tudor dynasty, he had an unequalled and mostly turbulent personal life – six wives in total, many mistresses, and because of his fixation on having a male heir, even changing the country¹s religion to the Church of England.

An excessive lover and ruthless ruler, he ordered no less than 72,000 executions during his 36 year reign, (including the beheading of two of his wives).

Larger than life, Henry was indeed one of England¹s mightiest monarchs!

We have created a mini-collection of images, which we hope will inspire you.

And to see even more of our images just visit www.trevillion.com


Champagne Time With Trevillion!

Trevillion is celebrated for having some of the best creative images out there. And this week we are celebrating!

We are thrilled to announce that Trevillion has just won first prize in CEPIC’s first ever international ‘Stock Photography Awards’ competition.

The striking and dynamic image ‘Letting Go’ captivated the judges imagination with its conceptual visual appeal and dramatic sense of energy.

The purpose of the CEPIC awards is to show how photography can generate visual concepts and ideas and to bring to light those photographers who produce them, by opening a collaborative relationship between photo libraries and photographers.

Congratulations to Dylan Kitchener, the incredibly talented Trevillion Photographer behind this visual treat!

To see more of our wonderful images, just click here and prepare to be amazed!

The winning image below: ‘Letting Go’ by Dylan Kitchener can be viewed fully here.

CEPIC Congress, Warsaw, 2015.


Watching the Detective

This month (May) celebrates the birthday of one of the most famous authors in the world, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle!

Sir Arthur remains a household name, and is famous the world over for his stories about the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, perhaps the most famous detective ever! Conan Doyle can be rightly applauded as the father of crime fiction.

As we all know, the Sherlock Holmes books were written and took place in late Victorian Britain – which is why his books always evoke an atmosphere of mystery and suspense. And to enhance the intrigue, Doyle frequently surrounded Holmes, and his despicable and dastardly criminals, in the swirling, menacing
London Fog!

To celebrate the birthday of this grand master of crime, Trevillion has put together a special ‘Sherlock Selection’ of images – we hope you enjoy them!

If you would like to see more of our atmospheric images just visit us here




 For the British, the 26th March 2015, will be an historic and special Royal day: Finally, Britain will bury the remains of one of its most famous monarchs – King Richard III – 500 years after his death!

Immortalised in history, and also by Shakespeare’s play, this legendary King was the last Medieval monarch of the Plantagenet line and preceded the infamous Tudors.

No longer a subject just for school and college text books, history is now one of the most popular themes of our media culture – television, movies and of course, books.

This week the world will be thinking of medieval times, and Trevillion have put together a mini-collection of evocative medieval images to mark this unique event.

To see more of our historical images, just click here   or contact us at: info@trevillion.com for Picture Research.

Trevillion -  DMLA blog pic